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Proud mattress manufacturers, mattress toppers and covers and other mattress related products in Manchester.

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What we do

In a nutshell, we manufacture mattresses and mattress related products, including pillows and mattress toppers. These days, this accounts for as much as 95% of what we do.
We also still provide quilting services on request.

Who we work with

Our clients are internationally known and widely respected companies, including:
• the world’s largest furniture retailer
• the company with the most stores worldwide
• the winner of multiple Which? Best Buys Awards

How we work:

From the initial enquiry to the completion of a contract and beyond, our commitment to our clients is always the priority.
We know that reputation is everything, which is why each and every job is treated in the same way and delivered to the highest of standards.
After our sales and product development teams have spent time listening to and interpreting our clients’ needs, we begin the process of agreeing specifications, finalising costings, signing off samples and setting the Terms & Conditions of Supply.
Then it’s time for the magic to happen on the factory floor…

Here’s what we do:
• We manage every stage of the manufacturing process, taking raw and semi raw material, before converting it and producing the final product.
• We prepare the outer coverings (the bit you see) separately.
• We take foam in block form and convert it to the clients’ size, shape and other specifications.
• We prepare and combine different types of foam to produce fixed combinations.
• We work with different specifications of springs in order to enhance product comfort.
• All products are prepared and dispatched from our warehouse.
• We hold over 50,000 units or 300 truck loads in stock at various warehouses and storage facilities.
• Testing is done externally in approved British standard laboratories. 

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