About Us

Traditional work ethics of Quality, Service and Value have underpinned everything we do for over 50 years. We always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations, providing them with outstanding products and exceptional service.

The path to success, however, hasn’t always been easy. In August 2019 a devastating fire at an industrial site adjacent to the UK facility spread rapidly and eventually resulted in the entire B&A site being razed to the ground. The loss of Oxford Mills, both for the town and for the local community, many of whom were long-standing employees could have been devastating.


Through strong family values, unwavering faith and fortitude a disaster recovery plan was put into place. The support of loyal staff and the meaningful relationships with clients meant that B & A were operational again within days and full-scale production resumed less than 6 months after the fire.

With an even greater operational capacity we now look forward to the next half century with even greater optimism.

Why not join us and share the journey together.

We are resilient – Following a devastating fire in 2019, we have rebuilt our business to be bigger, better and stronger than ever before.

We are resourceful – Throughout the global pandemic, we continued to work with our clients and partners, both in the UK and overseas, continuing to deliver outstanding products and services.

We are responsive – We listen closely to what our clients want, and then put our experience and knowledge to work, meeting their deadlines and exceeding their expectations.

We are responsible – Our staff are trained to reduce waste as much as possible, and our state-of-the-art machinery helps us to work sustainably.

We are respected – Our name is held in high regard in our local communities, as we have provided longstanding careers for well over 500 people in the UK and more than 1500 in Pakistan.